If time was money, we’d be worth a fortune

I swear, you may think you’re rich

You could have a million euros but you can’t buy this

These past few weeks were filled with time spent home, with family and… the other family. I always knew I was close to my friends, but more recently I felt a connection and closeness with every single one of them stronger than ever, and it left me speechless, smiling inside and out, or in tears of joy from time to time.

Hearing “I missed you guys” in a dead silence in the car, at a red light in the middle of the busiest boulevard in the city made all the chaos around feel safe and sound.

Standing on chairs in a small kitchen at 3 in the morning talking loud and laughing even louder at the smallest things is a picture of us I was always familiar with. But then, one of us zones out in their own thoughts just to come between us to mention with smiling eyes “I really like you guys” and it puts you in the best mood possible, giving you a feeling of pure happiness.

It’s the friends that come over for a coffee 3 days in a row and leave in the middle of the night every time, because they just wanna sit there and talk with you… about problems, old memories and advice.

It’s the friends that you haven’t talked that much to in a while, but you have more than 15 years of knowing each other behind, and somehow spending time with them again feels like nothing’s changed.

It’s the friends that tell you they realized the friendship is gonna last all of your lives, just because they know it, and the though hit them while they were thinking about you when you were away.

It’s the friends that weren’t in your life from the beginning, but somehow came and became more important than time can tell, and you grew to love them so much you picture them every where by your side.

It’s the friends that don’t need to hear the word forever to know it’s gonna be that way. Or the ones that don’t need to hear “I love you” to know you do, though you tell them anyway.

It’s the friends that you miss even before they leave to sail the seas, because you were never apart that much since the both of you learned to read and write.

It’s the friends that didn’t say all those things out loud, but they’ve proven them with every year passing just by being there in every situation, at every party, in every trip, during hard times or happy moments. The friends that will be there in all those things that will come, all the plans you will make, because you can’t imagine those plans happening without them.

It’s the friends that became family.




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