The blame game

Life imitates art, and in this particular case, life turned away from its usual path to start displaying scenarios similar to Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, where friends turn into enemies, lying is the main currency for achieving your goals and getting the answers that you desperately looked for.

You never believe it could happen to you until it actually does, and that’s how putting your trust in someone and calling that person a friend should be something you’re most careful about. Real life situations taught me that not even sharing your high school years with someone as your desk mate is going to keep that person from trying to destroy you and everyone around you.

The main part in the backstabbing scenario that could’ve ruined relationships, friendships and simply people goes to a sad little person, with huge issues in what concerns an ex-boyfriend and the burning desire to know whether or not he continued his life like it was normal, being with other girls. To the dangerous mix of personality traits that the lead actor already has, there comes craziness, bad intentions and a tendency for lying that form a person ready to do whatever it takes to get the answers they want, even if it means losing all your friends and acquaintances and trying to do so for them too.

In the end, the lies and bad intentions of one single person, that had the purpose to turn everybody against themselves, did the unexpected and got them close to point out the crazy person in the room, showing them that together, not even the meanest gossip could stand in their way of living their lives as they wish and with whom they wish.

The silver lining in this story is represented by a huge party that everybody attended, being the stress relief that they all needed. Music, fun, good intended people and no hidden intentions were the remedy for all the stress that a lot of people were put through.

Also, these ingredients are the missing things in your life, deary, things that you will not have ever again, at least not in this city, because you fucked shit up, big time.


Până la filtru.

În Căutarea Orgasmului Suprem

– De ce fumezi? m-a întrebat el clișeic pe un ton arogant.
Nu îmi plăcea întrebarea asta. Îmi era frică de ea si mă enerva până în măduva oaselor. Cu siguranță nu era prima oară când îmi era adresată și știam că nu va fi nici ultima. La început, nu am știut cum să răspund. Am cugetat puțin în tip ce mă calmam și i-am zis:
-Nu ai înțelege dacă ți-aș spune.
El s-a uitat la mine și mi-a zâmbit. Puteam să văd că i-a plăcut răspunsul și nu am fost surprinsă de replica lui:
Am râs sarcastic si m-am uitat la el. Avea zâmbetul ăla tâmp pe față și vedeam că aștepta curios un răspuns.
-De când eram mică am simțit o oarecare atracție către Țigară. Nu, nu fumez din niciun motiv clișeic.
-Nici nu ai avea cum, m-a întrerupt el. Ești un paradox, iar un paradox nu…

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